Beautiful Disaster…


Since this is the fitness blog, i’ll definitely tie this post in with my work out – eventually. However, I had a rather bi-polar day….therefore, she vents.

I wake up to the best cup of coffee my money can buy – key word is “my” here.  My money buys few things that are truly “the best.” I get ready for work & find myself randomly laughing about my night out with some friends – seriously, I reached a personal new low last night…it’s funny & not so funny depending on the audience. I see a McDonalds – which i’d have loathed on a normal day – but apparently today I whip my car across two lanes of traffic to pull in, order, & have my card declined…all in a matter of minutes. I am like a GPS at this point…”recalculating.” I get to my office & check my bank. I find that someone has taken a lot of money out of my acct., for the second time in less than 15 days. I immediately feel it coming – tears are soon to be streaming down my cheeks like freaking niagra falls. I don’t like dealing with money, I just like to make it, people.

I jump in the car to go meet with the president of our bank. While I am telling him – puhleeasse, more like blubbering to him – about what has happened, we start a conference call. By the end of our meeting the bank assures me all our money will be back in before the close of business. I took my fraudulent claim paperwork with me & scurried on back to the office.

It’s a matter of seconds before I am laughing with a co-worker about some funny shtuff. I had planned on heading to old cloverdale with a friend after work, but definitely had to take a rain check for that lil’ outing until this gets straightened out.

 I think the only rational thing to do is Yoga tonight.


My roomie just got in and asked me how bad my day was.  Let me break down what that means: was it betty crocker bad or ghirardelli bad? I am certain this was a “ghirardelli bad” kind of day.  So we are now in the kitchen making brownies.

For those of you wondering – where is Jordan? Let me fill you in. He is on a sabbatical. It started with a ski trip, moving towards a hunting trip, and I assume he will make his way back to the deep south sometime at the end of March.

peace, love, & more peace,


Children = Perfection.  All smiles after this video.


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