I left work & met my bestie at the gym.  We did spin class & then headed upstairs to run.  I normally do an easy run – 2 or 3 miles – on the days I have spin, mainly because I am one sad story when I get off the bike.  I am so predictable…about half way through the class I start cursing myself for going. I walk in all confident making people think I can hang…but I rapidly become a hot mess once my feet start peddling up Mt. Everest. Acknowledging this about myself, I never get on a bike close to the door because i’m certain i’d leave at my weakest state.

After we finished spin & ran a little, I took said bestie to my office. I have a million things to document in a case, and I love to do work with a good movie going in the background, so I took her with to grab my shtuff. While at the office, I remembered we have a gym on the 3rd floor.  Thinking it may have mirrors, so we can recreate “Save The Last Dance,” we went straight to the gym.  Unfortunately no mirrors were to be found; HOWEVER, we did find the best 80’s work out equipment that money can buy.


Remember the Gazelle? These are fab!

I suppose I should go tend to my domestic duties like a good lil’ housewife. I work two jobs, ya know. My day job is pretty much the best thing ever! And my night job…well, not so much. I am a part time domestic engineer. I’m certain I should be written up for slacking on my night job. Never thought i’d be the girl saying, “I want a house cleaner.”  Pretentiousness is my least favorite thing in life..but dear goodness those words are on the tip of my tongue.

I happen to be in luck because my friend called & is currently asking if I want to hang. Looks like the house will remain in its current state a lil’ longer.

Love to my peeps,


All The While My Character Is Steel…


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