I told myself I would never become a marathon runner.  I think marathon runners are crazy to put their bodies through torture.  (never say never, shells)  I am now said crazy person.  When I was about a month in to training for the half, I said: “I will never run 26 miles; the half is the farthest I will run.”  (again, never say never, shells) I have fallen for running. I have this issue with pushing myself beyond all reasonable limits…and I am pretty sure that is what marathon runners are made up of.  I am bored with 5ks, and when I cross the half finish line, I may or may not be ready for a bigger challenge.

My sister and I co-blog about our training on this page.  It makes us feel closer (because she is in Korea -insert pitiful sad face- and we both LOVE to write).  We planned on crossing our first finish line together, but I’m curerntly treading uncharted territory with my life’s plans.  Since we may or may not actually finish this goal hand in hand – I am gearing up to run a half by myself (insert another pitiful sad face). I plan on taking a million pictures of my sad self at the finish line to send to Korea.

I have decided to only focus on the fitness blog for awhile, so I will definitely have much more to say in this space.  I will leave you with my new motto in life: when life is giving you the finger, lace up your shoes.




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