Pre run state of mind:

Stressed! Upset! More stressed! More upset!  You get the picture. 

Tonight I walked in the door from work, still on the phone with my second unruly client of the night.  While listening to said client’s list of excuses for something or another, I immediately start gazing around the house making mental notes of all the chores that desperately need tending to.  I hear the husband listening to a bar review lecture, and my thoughts move to dinner; what am I going to feed him?  I finally convince said client, who is on house arrest, that he is not too busy to meet with me tomorrow.  I felt we had come to some sort of agreement, so I got off the phone.  I will be out-of-town tomorrow interviewing trial clients, which means I will be at home tomorrow night typing memorandums from said interviews.

The clock reads 7 p.m.  I feel stressed, upset, and more stressed.  Not just from work.  There is always more.  I am a complaining, mundane mess right now.  I feel my optimism bleeding out of me with each “to-do” I add to my list.  I stop.  I am still.  I come face to face with the bloody awful truth: I am not enough.  I immediately log off from the world.

Post run state of mind:

I run out to grab the hubs a pizza.  I would normally make him fend for himself, but my no. 1 priority is making sure he studies for the bar and has little else on his plate.  I foresee my homemaking skills improving over the next two months.  I grab my shoes and hit the gym.  I leave my phone in the car.  I run.  I run.  I keep running.  I am typically miserable while running the first mile, but I reach a point (could this be the runner’s high?) where I feel unstoppable.  I sweat out all my stress and tension from a hard days work.  I find a huge smile on my face and in my heart while I push and defy all my limits.

It is amazing what 30 minutes of running can do for ones state of mind. 

Night & Day! 

I dedicate this song to all the stress that attempts to take over my life…




Know your limit &then defy it.

Woke up this morning- awful chest congestion.
Mucus everyday of my life.
7:30 came waaay too soon- I am so sleepy.
I have comments &grades that are due today- actually in 2 hours.

&on top of all of that-
it’s snowing outside.

Doing it.
Did it.

2 miles in 17 minutes &27 seconds.  Almost 20 seconds shorter than last time even with mucus being involved.


love from the SK
– Alex

After a very long weekend-
I decided that sometimes there are only a few ways to approach conflict resolution.

Sleeping &running.

When it comes to confronting problems, when is it the most appropriate time to face the issues around us?
Like someone once told me, “Alex, sometimes you just need to go to bed &sleep on it.”
&I did.
I went to bed at 9:00 last night.  I was exhausted.
After a very eventful weekend- it was time to shut everything down for a few hours.

When I woke up this morning- the last thing I wanted to do was go on my scheduled 2 mile run.
I skyped with Shells a little bit &then decided that maybe I would just skip my run today.
&you can guess what happened next:

I was out the door in the Korean cold.

As I was doing my slow paced jog, I had an epiphany.
Before I can confront others with my problem-
I need to confront myself.
I need to take a long hard look at myself.
Like the speck &the plank.
Who am I to point fingers or hold grudges?
Jesus has forgiven me time &time again when I have disregarded him.
Left noodles in his kitchen.
Therefore, the same grace, love, &kindness is to be extended to EVERYONE around me.

I realized this as I breathed in through my nose &out of my mouth.
As I listened to Katy, Willow, &Beyonce-
&as my feet matched the pace of the beat, I realized that I always have more to give.
In my runs, in my relationships- there is always a little extra.
We really don’t know our own strength.

After my 2 mile run in 17 minutes and 53 seconds [which is 4 seconds shorter than my last 2 mile]
I feel very renewed.

Sometimes we just need to sleep &then go for a run.

peace &blessings
– Alex

You know that I can take it…

My mom kept me heavily involved in sports from 2nd grade – high school.  I ran cross country, played softball, basketball, & was on the swim team.  I also showed horses.  I have been sitting still for the past 5 years, which is how long it has been since I stopped riding horses.  I’m positive I was in the best shape of my life when I rode horses.

This morning I went for my first 2 mile run in my attempt to run 13.1 sometime in 2012.  I wanted to die at 1.5.  I was over it; totally ready to throw in the towel.  Who needs fitness anyways?  I decided I loathe working out, and I certainly loathe running.  But there is this little nagging voice in my head, my extremely stubborn side, that says: “self, if you want to quit than you are pitiful & weak.”  I am not a fan of weakness.  I don’t like anyone telling me I cannot do something, and here I am telling myself I cannot run 2 miles.  On the worst days I’ll face in life, I want to remain mentally tough.  I strive to coach myself through anything I face…and come out on top.  So… I forced myself to run 2.2 mi. this a.m..

My body is sore, and it is so out of shape, but I decided to kick my ish in to gear.  I’ve opened the door for a painful next few months, and that door isn’t closing until I have run 13.1 miles and crossed a finish line somewhere in the U.S..  This task won’t get easier, but I will get better.

I thrive on redefining my impossible.  I WILL run this half marathon, and get my rockin’ body back in the process.



Thriving by choice…

   I returned home from a busy day at the office, plopped down on the couch, and picked up the m&m bowel on our coffee table.  I have become addicted to the m&m covered pretzels.  My sister & I are co-blogging as we train for our first half marathon from two different countries.  I would have never embarked on this journey with anyone else.  As I was eating my yummy m&m’s on the couch, I realized I set up my training schedule last night, and I was supposed to come home & head to the gym.  So…I begrudgingly put the m&m’s down, grabbed my running shoes, iPod, and ymca card, and headed to the gym to get my run on.  After a mile & 1/2 run, I went to East Chase to shop & eat dinner while reading two more chapters of “The Help.”  Tonight was the most relaxing evening of my week.

Next to Yoga, running is so liberating.  I am excited to accomplish an amazing goal, which just went on my bucket list, with my beautiful sister.  We plan on running said half together when she returns from Korea.  As I started on my second mile tonight, I realized I have two goals that could possibly collide this upcoming year; carrying my first child & running my first half marathon.  Although we are training in different countries, I want to cross the finish line with Alex by my side.

I will keep training & blogging my way through this worthy goal.  Fun & sore times will be had by us both.  I’m hopeful this race empowers us to move even more mountains in life.




THIS MORNING I updated my workout playlist, bundled up &went out to do my 2.01 mile run in 17 minutes &57 seconds.
My average pace per mile was 8.55.
Again, not TOO great, but not TOO bad.

Today in Seoul, Korea it is 21 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so I had to majorly bundle up.
Wardrobe goes as follows:
Bottom: leggings, sweats, socks.
Top: sports bra, long sleeve yellow shirt, running tank, another long sleeve, sweater.
Head: headband, toboggan, fuzzy sweat band.
Hands: fingerless gloves, mittens.

Out run the weather, “no excuses people.”

Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.

As I begin this journey of training for a half-marathon,
I have taken some time to recognize a few things:

One fear I have about running a lot-
am I going to lose my boobs?

I will go ahead &give thanks to God that my health is better now.
Yesterday was the first time I have done a physical activity in over a week.
I am thankful for good health, good legs, &uninjured  ankles.
To be able to complete this goal, I will need my body to cooperate with me.

The last thing I have come to grips with is-
I can’t do this by myself.
That is why I am so excited that my sister Shelly is supporting/participating in this with me.

Since I have just moved to South Korea, I have an awesome opportunity to cultivate new positive habits.
I have acquired some pretty nasty ones.
&I am ready to break the cycle.

This is NOT about obsessing over my body to be skinny or to look like someone else.
This is NOT about what I weigh or what size pants I wear.

It is about being healthy.
Learning how to [daily] live a healthy holistic lifestyle.
According to numerous amounts of studies, exercise  is not only good for you physically-
but it is also good in an emotional and mental aspect.
It is good for stress, skin, sleep, heart, &releasing the endorphin hormone in the brain.
“endorphins make you happy &happy people don’t kill their husbands,
they just don’t”

So here it is- the beginning.
Yesterday I ran 1.01 miles in 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
I know that’s not great,
But the best is yet to come.


We are long lost sisters on a journey to defy life’s limitations together. We walk humbly with our one and only Yahweh; we run passionately without fear of the future. From Seoul, South Korea to Montgomery, Alabama, we are training to run a half marathon together. Stay tuned for tales from two fabulous women who make running 13.1 miles rediculously amazing.


Alex & Shells