Because I actually like myself..

Don’t think I haven’t noticed women’s obsession with the way they look &how much they weigh.
Don’t think I haven’t heard people whisper, “She’s put on weight” or “She’s lost weight, she looks great..”
These two things I have noticed are not only detrimental to American society,
but I have also noticed it in my fellow Korean sisters.
When does it end?
Because I am beginning to notice a trend of never being satisfied with the way we look.

I choose to run not because I hate my body, I choose to run &work out because I love my body.
There maybe things I see that I think could be better, but I hope to grow past that.
&just be thankful that I have a healthy body.
I have legs that allow me to be active- to run &dance.
2 perfect arms with 10 fingers.
It isn’t for the stares or making men weak in their knees.  It isn’t for anyone else.
It’s for me.
This is only the beginning of a journey of learning to be happy with who I am &who I’m becoming.

Peace, Blessings, &Buff Muscles.



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