What a feelin’ [dedicated to my fellow runners]

At 7:00 am this morning I begrudgingly  pulled my covers off when I heard my Korean alarm go off.
It really is a little toooo soothing to wake up to.

I started my laundry, put on running gear, &picked Matisyahu to start my warm-up.
I opened my door, &there was no turning back.

I usually see some other runners out &about in the morning.
There is a biking, walking, &jogging path along the river.
&every once in awhile I will share a moment with a fellow runner as they wave &pace by.

But there is this one woman.

I almost always see her in the mornings, especially now since I run to the ymca.
&this morning as I was jogging down my street,
she was running on the alley that intersects this road.
Just as she passed the road- she turned around &started jogging backwards.
With a smile on her face &her hand extended high in the air- she waved &then kept running.

I couldn’t help but feel so much more empowered.
Knowing that her &I, we are connected in our morning exercise routines.
No matter the cultural barrier or language barrier.
Running is something that we share.
&it is a strange thing-
Of everyone I have met in Korea, I feel closest to her.
Because she gets it.

What a feelin’
That moment will seriously be the reason I smile all day.

I have ran 7 miles so far this week, but I have 9 more to go.
My 3 mile was ran in 26 minutes &3 seconds.
Woot.woot. &my first 4 mile run is next Wednesday.
Can’t even begin to express how intimidated &scared I am about that.

But luckily, I am not in this alone.


Peace &Blessings


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