I took a 3 day mini road trip to the beach this past weekend. I left Friday after work and drove to Gulf Shores to stay with some friends.  We ended up on several different beaches across the Alabama & Florida coast by the end of the weekend.

Saturday morning my new friend, Nick, and I ran to the beach from the house. We chatted and got to know each other. Monday morning we woke up and played frizz on the beach. Then we decided to run down the beach to the pier, which was about 1.5 mi away. The run to the pier and back was a 5k. I am so sore from running in the sand, but I LOVE the feeling of sore muscles.  It means I did work!

I have been nervous about running a half marathon. I am worried it’s too much, that I won’t train well enough, that I will quit during the race…ect.

I told my girlfriend, Kayla, if I can run a 5k then I can run a 10k… and if I can run a 10k then I can run a half.  I ran a few 5k’s recently and I am driving to Texas to run a 10k with my sister-in-law.  I am on a personal path to defy my limitations.  I am getting older, and while many let themselves go, I am determined stay fit.  Once I run the 10k, I am signing up & paying for the half marathon.

I thrive by choice, not by chance. 


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