I’m [lazy] &I know it.

…. I work out.

I think what makes this whole experience so great-
is the fact that it is a journey.

Nobody changes overnight.
Nothing comes easily.
Positive habits, behavior, &perspective take time to be cultivated-
in order for consistent good choices to made.
Like a strong building with a solid foundation.

I have not run since last Friday.
I finally broke down &bought a membership to the local YMCA for the cold months of January &February.
It is literally snowing &freezing- it makes it really hard to run outdoors.
There are honestly so many excuses I can make about why I haven’t been intentional about my goals.

But what it boils down to-
What it ALWAYS boils down to-
I am just lazy.

I don’t know how many people read this.
But what I do know is that Shells &I are trying to hold each other  accountable in this intense goal of running a 1/2.
I have made posts about all the days I have defeated,
all the bad moods, stomach aches, stuffy noses, crappy weather, unmotivated mindsets that I have pushed through to
finishing my scheduled runs &feeling victorious-

But there can’t always be a victory.
There are days when we simply lose.
There are days when I cower &give in to uncertainty.
Even  the Avett Brothers say that,
“You gotta lost a couple fights to win.”

In this journey, I hope that we learn not to take ourselves too seriously.
There are just some days we have to give ourselves some grace-
Grace in the sense that we are works in progress.
It is progression;
it is a continuum.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
&surely even in the race there will be rest stations where I can get some lemonade &catch my breath.

I have my Forever 21 bag packed for the gym after work.
I am not giving up on trying to really do this.
Just wanted it to be known that I am not always strong &defiant.

I still have off days.
Until running becomes my daily habit, like brushing my teeth &blinking.

I just gotta find my groove-
or the right pace that works for me.



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