This past week I had a week vacation from work.

&in this vacation I had a passionate love affair..

..with my bed.

It may not be the most comfortable bed in the world, but it is mine.
&having the opportunity to sleep in it, lay in it, jump in it, watch movies in it, drink in it, eat in it, [&even cuddle in it] was one of the best feelings EVER last week. I didn’t want to ever leave this state of comfort.
I was SO comfortable &happy.

As I have gotten older &have had new experiences, my continual prayer  has been to be uncomfortable.
You know what they say- outside your comfort zone is where the magic is.
Something glorious  happens when you are forced to be out in the unfamiliar, completely vulnerable, &unsure of  yourself-
&learning to once again depend on the Source of all things.

I realized this last night as I lied in bed, scared again,  of what the future holds.
I realized this again as I woke up at 8 am this morning, for my scheduled 2 mile.
I had to command myself gradually to get out of my state of comfort-
into the cold &into the uncertainty of what this run had in store for me.
I skipped multiple runs last week &I did not want to go this morning.
&Even as I started running, I knew my body was like, “What is happpeeenninng?AAHH.”
but I finished it.
2 miles in 17 minutes &18 seconds.
Not my best time, but definitely not my worst.

As I was running today, I had yet another epiphany.
I remember Sophmore year of college when I would go lift weights with some guy friends-
they would teach me about reps n’ what not. (number of times you lift.)
One time my friend Josh told me,
“On the last set, do as many reps as you can &when it starts to hurt so bad &you don’t think you can do anymore, do 5 more.”

This is the zone of being uncomfortable.
This is the part that hurts.
but will eventually build &cultivate more muscle.

Maybe it is like the extra mile that Christ teaches us.
It is when we grumble, our feet hurt, &we simply don’t want to do it-
where we find blessing &strength.

Running is not always comfortable. [if ever]
Life for so many isn’t comfortable.
Relationships get uncomfortable.
&if I have learned anything from the Bible-
discipleship is not comfortable.

But as Daft Punk would say:
“Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


&it is inside of all us.

Peace &Blessings to all,


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